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“PLAY” Fair at flotsambooks, Tokyo

©︎IACK, 2021

French photographer Philippe Jarrigon's first collection "PLAY" in 15 years of his career A pre-sale fair will be held at bookstore "
flotsambooks" in Tokyo on December 21st (Tuesday) and 23rd (Thursday).

Philip Jarrigon uses traditional and technical studio photography techniques to create visual images that can be found in 90s TV shows and movies. Reinterpreting the code, he creates unique works that combine humor that everyone can enjoy at first glance and depth that makes you reconsider your perception of the image industry.

This book, which was produced under the art direction of Beda Achermann, the creative director and founder of "Studio Achermann," covers the various genres he has shot in the past. It is a collection of challenging works that reconstructs the personal / editorial work of and selected photos from unpublished cuts.

You can purchase this book at a special event price during the exhibition. In addition, the owner of IACK, Kono, will also be in the store, so please drop by even though it is held on weekdays.


“PLAY” Fair at flotsambooks
Date: December 21 (Tue), 23rd (Thursday)
Venue: flotsambooks
Address: 1-10-7 Izumi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 168-0063
Opening hours: 14:00 - 20:00

Philip Jarrigeon/Philippe Jarrigeon
Born in 1982 in France. He studied photography at the Lausanne Cantonal School of Fine Arts, also known as ECAL, a Swiss higher education institution known for its advanced art education. Currently teaching at the same university, he takes a wide range of photographs, from portraits of major maisons and celebrities to independent media such as "Buffalo Zine". His one-of-a-kind photographic works that reconstruct the visual codes of popular culture and 90's pop culture using traditional and technical studio photography methods have been highly acclaimed beyond the realm of fashion photography. So far, exhibitions have been held at “La Galerie des Galeries” and “International Festival of Fashion and Photography” in France, and “Fotomuseum Winterthur” in Switzerland.

Title: PLAY
Artist: Philippe Jarrigeon
RVB Books, 2021
Softcover with reversible dust jacket, a postcard and booklet insert, Otabind
320 x 244 x 18 mm
162 pages
Text in English and French
First edition
¥4,950 - (event special price)