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写真と芸術 接触・影響・成果 by Otto Stelzet
写真と芸術 接触・影響・成果 by Otto Stelzet
写真と芸術 接触・影響・成果 by Otto Stelzet
写真と芸術 接触・影響・成果 by Otto Stelzet
写真と芸術 接触・影響・成果 by Otto Stelzet

写真と芸術 接触・影響・成果 by Otto Stelzet


Japanese version of "Kunst und Photographie-Kontakte, Einflüsse, Wirkungen" by German art historian Otto Stelzet.

Stellzer was born in Dresden in 1914 and studied art history, archeology and philosophy at the universities of Marburg, Munich, Oslo and Berlin, and received a doctorate in philosophy at the age of 25. This book was published in 1968 and discusses photography from various perspectives.

Although some time has passed since

was published, it is still interesting enough to read if you pay attention to how photography was positioned within the framework of society and art at the time.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Origin of Photography
1 Prehistory
William Henry Fox Talbot
2 Early to High
Johann Baptist Eisenring
David Octavius ​​Hill
Julia Margaret Cameron and Lewis Carroll
Nadar "The Great"
3 Boundary Violation - Decline
Painter and Early Photographs (Adversaries and Allies)
Art Photography
Trade Union
Chapter 2 The Special Achievements of Photography and the Formation of Style in Painting
1 Perspective Space
2 Bird's eye view
3 Microscopic world
4 Photogram - Luminography
5 Fine structure
6 Mannerism - Surrealism
Mannerism and contemporary
Mannerism and optics
Spirit photography and the like
Multiple Exposure - Photo-Montage
Photographic Surrealism
Eugène Attget
7 Movement - Time in Space
Eyes and Clocks
Momentary Images
Edward Muybridge
Etienne Jules Murray
Murray and Futurist Artists
Futuristic Photography
Chapter 3 Technical Flaws of Photography - Inspiration for Painters
1 Caricature
2 Beyond Degas
3 Post-Impressionism
4 Lionel Feininger
Chapter 4 Contemporary
1 "The Family of Man"
2 Informel 3 Coexistence of opposites
"Great Realism"
Pop Art
Op Art
4 Artworks in the era of reproduction technology


Title: Photography and Art: Contact, Influence, and Outcome (Kunst und Photographie-Kontakte, Einflüsse, Wirkungen)
Artist: Otto Stelzet
Film Art, 1989Hardcover, 215 x 145 mm
253 pages
5th edition
¥1,900 + tax

Condition: Acceptable / Discoloration and stains consistent with age, some page creases, but no problem reading through.

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