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Special Feature Part 1: TOP 16 - 30here

15th|Nigel Shafran: Compost Pictures 2008 – 2009 (Photoworks, 2010)

A collection of works by Nigel Shafranpublished in conjunction with the 2010 solo exhibition held at Charleston, an art center located in East Sussex, England. Although it was made as simple as Jin, the composition was devised, and it was a book that could be enjoyed as an artist who values ​​the presentation of works in the collection above all else.


14th|Ruches, 2400 A.E.C. - 1852 E.C. / Hives, 2400 B.C.E. - 1852 C.E. by Aladin Borioli a.k.a. APIAN (RVB Books/Images Vevey, 2020)

The second edition of a popular work focusing on the shape of hives in beekeeping Not only is the content interesting, but the unique book design is also a must-see.

https://www.iack.online/products/ruches-2400-a-e-c-1852-e-c-hives-2400-b-c-e-1852-c-e-by-aladin-borioli-apian?_pos =11&_sid=9bf431f16&_ss=r


13th place|Hotel Mermaid Club by Chris Rhodes (RVB BOOKS, 2019)

A collection of works by Chris Rose, a British photographer active in the field of fashion. It is by no means a challenging and contemporary style, but that is why you can feel the strength of the work that has survived without being swept away by the times. The cover design with a beautiful mint green cloth also makes you want to own it.



12th place|First Trip to Bologna 1978 / Last Trip to Venice 1985 by Seiichi Furuya (Chose Commune, 2022)

Japanese photographer Seiichi Furuya latest work The self-published work collection "Last Trip to Venice" , which was self-published in 2002, was entrusted to the publisher "Chose Commune", which is the second collaboration, and reorganized, while Furuya is the first married couple. A book reconstructed as still images from the Super 8 film taken during the trip. It is a majestic work that makes you feel that you have entered a new phase since the previous work "Face to Face"



11th|Distant Lights by Yukihito Kono (Self published, 2022)

Artist book by Japanese photographer Yukihito Kono It's a resale of a collection of works I made in 2015, and I'm glad that it was well received. This work deals with the recordability of photography and the relationship between memories.



10th place|(Tenth Anniversary Edition) Illuminance by Rinko Kawauchi (torch press/Aperture, 2021)

Rinko Kawauchi's representative work, which has been long-awaited rerelease after 10 years I was surprised when I sold it, but most people didn't know about this book, and it made me think that no matter how much it's called a masterpiece, it doesn't mean anything if you can't pick it up. The composition is the key, so be sure to turn over the real thing with your own hands.



9th place|Dark Rooms by Nigel Shafran (MACK, 2016)

A collection of works by Nigel Shafran , which continues to be purchased as a standard title for IACK It is a book that makes you feel the fun and depth of expressing yourself in the format of a collection of works. It's a collection must-have



8th|Index by Yukihito Kono (Self published, 2022)

I'm sorry that it's my own work, but it's a resale of the artist book I published in 2019. The book I introduced earlier is currently sold out, but we plan to produce a new edition around mid-January.



7th place|Art Books: 79 + 1 (well, 2020)

A collection of works distributed by IACK up to December 2019, arranged in order of year of publication. I wanted to make a paperback book that you can put on your bedside, read at an appropriate time, and even if you handle it roughly, you can enjoy it, so I made it this size and volume. This is a book that can be enjoyed as a guidebook, so it is recommended for both those who are beginning to be interested in art books / photo books and existing fans.



6th place|Location Scouting by Local Artist (Self published, 2022)

The first collection of works by a mysterious photographer active in the field of fashion and a local artist as research, not originally the leading role This is the first and challenging work that focuses on the fun of the photos taken during location scouting Many customers were naturally drawn to the unique ideas and beautiful photographs, as the work was conceptual but not formal.



5th place|The Well by Nigel Shafran (Loose Joints, 2022)

Nigel Shafran's 10th book and the first collection of photographs taken at work. This book was created by the author, who used to think of "work" and "work" separately, and reinterpreted work as a long-term project. t263>It's a perfect result as the 10th collection Designer Linda van Dursen , who is involved in this book, also worked on "Dark Rooms" . increase



4th place|Paare / Pairs by Jochen Lempert (Roma Publications, 2022)

German photographer Jochen Rempert's latest publication This book, published at the time of his solo exhibition in Frankfurt, is an artist's book that fully expresses his worldview. This collection is recommended not only for fans, but also for those who are new to his work. Even so, it seems that there were a lot of animal-related works this year...



3rd place|Memories of an Unknown Island by Véronique Rolland (Jane & Jeremy, 2022)

British photographer Véronique Laurent's latest work is an epic collection of that accepts and infinitely expands the imagination of the viewer, born precisely because of this era. Limited to 100 copies Please take a look at the real thing



2nd place|Nigel Shafran: Packages 2012 - 2013 (N/A, 2022)

This is not a collection of works, but a poster, but it was created based on a page from the artist's notebook, and I included it because I think it gives a glimpse of the core of his creations. It is sold only in stores, but there are only a few in stock, so if you are interested, please hurry. There is also one framed item


1st place|Empty Nests by Atsuko Murano Abalos (LibroArte, Inc., 2021)

The first prize is a collection of works by photographer Avalos Atsuko Murano, who held a solo exhibition at IACK this year. The subject of the stork's nest, the interest of the ecosystem, the culture of a foreign country, and the artist's feelings behind the work are blended in an exquisite balance. The autographed book is back in stock, so please take this opportunity to enjoy it at your leisure.


or more

Of course, I'm happy that many works by artists who held exhibitions this year are included, but IACK has many works published several years ago, including the first prize. I think it's a trend

Published in 2022: 9 volumes + 1 work
Published in 2021: 4 volumes
Published in 2020: 8 volumes
Published in 2019: 2 volumes
Published in 2018: 2 volumes
2017: 2
2016: 1
Published in 2010: 1 volume

Additionally, half of the works were proposed as IACK's standard title

Although it is not a collection of so-called classic works, it is an excellent work in the context of contemporary collections, and it is a work that forms the core of IACK's activities. I can even feel the hope that people continue to use it.

New releases and limited editions are often prioritized, so It may be difficult to pick up the standard titles at the right time, but at the end of the year and other breaks, you can pick it up and take it all together. I personally recommend adding it to the bookshelf in Please add it to your collection along with the new book introduced this time.

Happy New Year everyone Thank you for your continued support next year

IACK Kawano