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creative, community space ペフ

A collection of essays by Osaka-based creative, community space Pef.

This book is a summary of the exhibition that was held in February 2019 as a 5th anniversary project of Pef's parent store "Nice Shop Sue", collecting the important things of people who cherish it. books. It contains 43 episodes by 30 diverse people such as artists, musicians and designers.

"Pef wants to be a place not just for us, but for you to 'cherish what you cherish.' I am publishing it with the hope that it will become a book to cherish things.

You can learn what is important to various people in this book, think about what is important to you and the people you care about, and think about what you should do. It means "valuing what is important".

The answer is not in this book. you have your way The answer is always inside you. This book will help you find your answers. Now it's your turn.

What is important to you? - Peff

Limited to 300 copies.

Participating artists
Aiko Tachikawa (well) | Asako Hoshikawa | Saisui Konishi | Chie Cho | Dove | Masafumi Ezaki | Mitsuru Karaki (O Gallery Eyes) | Ryo Kobayashi | Natalia Panzer | Nicholas Strobert | Manami Otsu | Seiketa | Shintaro Matsuo | Shoji Funakawa | Theodore Kale Schaefer | Tom Trazion |


Title: A book to cherish what is important
Artist: Various
creative, community space Pef, 2019
Softcover with dust jacket
128×182mm, 134 pagesLimited edition of 300 copies
¥1,500 + tax


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