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IACK BEST SELLERS 2022 | TOP 16 - 30

Every year around this time, it has become an annual event to choose the best book of the year, but this year we decided to introduce the top 30 best-selling titles by dividing them into the first part and the second part.

It's quite interesting to get a glimpse of the trends of the year and the times from the lineup.

Enjoy it in your spare time at the end of the year


30th|Fastidiosa by Jean-Marc Caimi + Valentina Piccinni (Overlapse, 2022)

A collection of works by the photographer duo "Jean-Marc Caimi + Valentina Piccinni" from "Overlapse", an independent publisher in London that consistently produces high-quality reading-type photo books. It is a work that records the tree disease and farmers that are causing great damage mainly to olive groves in southern Italy. The texture of the matte paper also matches the world of the work.


29th|Seiichi Furuya: Why Dresden - Photographs 1984/85 & 2015 (Spector Books, 2017)

A collection of photographs taken by Japanese photographer Seiichi Furuya during his stay in Dresden with his family. This is a unique collection of works that was produced under the condition that the artist would not be involved in any way. It is an interesting book that makes you feel a lot

28th|The Eyes That Fix You in a Formulated Phrase by Mariken Kramer (Multipress, 2018)

A collection of works by Maryken Krame, an artist based in Oslo This is a standard product that has been in stock since the opening of IACK. It's limited to 300 copies, so it wouldn't be strange if it went out of print at any time, but I'm thinking of getting as many as I can. Please hurry

https://www.iack.online/products/signed-the-eyes-that-fix-you-in-a-formulated-phrase-by-mariken-kramer?_pos=1&_sid =f164ecbfb&_ss=r


27th|Shame Space by Martine Syms (Primary Information, 2020)

A collection of works by American artist Martine Sims At the time of publication, I bought more than usual, but it didn't work at all at the time... It suddenly started working this year. Although it is a collection of works by contemporary artists, it is also well-received by young people who like photography.



26th|Mutter Architektur by Florian Glaubitz (Self published, 2020)

A collection of works by German artist Florian Graubitz This was also slow to move when it arrived, but once it started moving it was fast. The changeable photos that refuse to be put into the frame of genre are attractive, and the somewhat nostalgic texture that makes you feel the air of the 2000s is also impressive.



25th|Choreography with Potatoes and Flour by Line Bøhmer Løkken (Multipress, 2021)

A collection of works by Norwegian photographer Reena Verma Locke A playful yet critical book that combines the characteristics of the medium of photography with the appearance of bread dough changing freely. I also like the texture of the paper, which looks like it's been sprinkled with powder.


24th|(Artist Edition Box) A Parallel Road by Amani Willett (Overlapse, 2021)

A collection of works by American photographer Amani Willett Originally published as zine , it will be republished in 2021 as three editions: hardcover, cased, and printed. I think it is a very significant work that brings a new perspective to an important subject in the history of American photography. The one with print was sold out, but the cased version is limited to 100 copies, so there are only a few left. Please hurry



23rd place|Face To Face by Seiichi Furuya & Christine Gössler (Chose Commune, 2020)

The first jointly published collection of works by Seiichi Furuya and his wife Christine Gessler When I first picked up this book, I was confused by the editorial policy, which was different from what I had been used to. If you have the chance, it is a book that I would like you to see in the flow from the past memoir series.


22nd|Erwin Wurm: Erwin Wurm Photographs (RVB BOOKS/MEP, 2020)

A collection of works by Austrian artist Erwin Wurm It is a popular product that sells out as soon as it becomes available. Of course, it is interesting to focus on the relationship between performance and photography, but the texture is similar to that of fashion photography in the 90s, so it is a stimulating work to read in that context.



21st|You I Everything Else by Linn Phyllis Seeger (Skinnerboox, 2020) 

A collection of works by German artist Lynn Phillis Seeger There are as many photobooks on the subject of romance as there are stars in the world, but it is wonderful that they present a more realistic and universal way of "current" relationships in this way than expressing them in a diary-like manner. is



20th|Cover to Cover by Michael Snow (Primary Information / Light Industry, 2020)

A reprint of an artist book by Canadian artist Michael Snow, published in 1975 as part of a series of publications produced by the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. I won't go into the details because it's been introduced repeatedly as an IACK classic, but it's a masterpiece that I'd like you to see in order, page by page.



19th place|Billie by Ofer Wolberger (Skinnerboox, 2017)

A collection of works by New York-based photographer Orfer Wahlbager I've been introducing this book repeatedly as one of IACK's classic collections, but due to the publisher's stock being out of stock, I only have a few copies at hand. Please hurry



18th place|The People On The Street by Nigel Shafran (Self published, 2018)

British photographer Nigel Shafran self-published work The appearance already has an impact, but the content is also wonderful. It is heartening to see such an influential artist (although I don't think he likes to be called that) still producing such collections at his own expense.



17th|SCAPES by John Divola (Skinnerboox, 2022)

A collection of works by American visual artist John Divola While 's previous work , which was produced with the same publisher, was a collection of unpublished works, this work summarizes his famous works. However, by creating a framework for grainy black and white photographs and the 90s, we are giving a new perspective to those works and Diborah's creative attitude at the time. It is a recommended title that is interesting even if you read it as a photo book



16th place|Grandissima Selezione by Fontanesi (Skinnerboox, 2019)

A collection of works by Italian artist Fontanesi, who continues to post mysterious collage photos on Instagram. Although this book shouldn't be the first choice, for some reason I'm curious and buy it... It's an addictive book that has created many such customers.


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