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Fundament by Clara Bahlsen

Installation view from "Fundament" by Clara Bahlsen ©︎IACK 2019

Solo Exhibition by Clara Bahlsen
Date: November 2 Sun (Sat) – November 24 (Sun)
Venue: IACK

IACK will hold a solo exhibition "Fundament" by Berlin-based artist Clara Bahlsen. I will.

This work was commissioned by Bahlsen in 2019 for the Fact Finding Committee sponsored by the Berlin art center ZK/U (Center for Art and Urbanistics). Bahlsen photographs the pillars that support the architecture in the basement of the center, and the pillars appear on the ground by being printed on plastic pallets. The viewer will be able to witness the pillars that support the place where they are standing, which they do not usually see, while they are on the ground. I am reminded that it is established.

Bahlsen also continues to address the theme of her birth, role and existence. In his previous works, he has used documentaries, portraits, and still life photographs for expression, but in this work, he uses the image of a pillar made of brick blocks as a metaphor for the transformational possibilities of human beings and tools. It is also possible to interpret that The pillars, which were originally fixed underground and were not conscious of their existence, are scattered around the world by being printed on plastic pallets used in factories for transportation and distribution, and are reborn as existences that are conscious. . In this way, Bahlsen's photographic works, which do not end with photographs as mere records or clichés, expand the consciousness of the viewer, and all things and people are released or changed from the roles and roles associated with their birth. It suggests that it has potential.

At the venue, in addition to this work, we will also exhibit and sell a collection of works that the artist has published so far. This will be the first exhibition in Japan by this up-and-coming artist, so please take this opportunity to visit us.


Clara Bahlsen
Clara Bahlsen's photographs, multimedia works, artist books, and texts are based on cultural anthropological research, and are subject to any attribution handle questions. Bahlsen explores her own role within the social system and her origins and everyday subjects as biography. She has exhibited at Kunst der Westkuste Museum, Kunstwerlein Hannover, Zeithaus Autostadt Wolfsburg, Berlin Gallery Museum, among others. Her self-published work has been included in prominent international collections and has been exhibited at art book fairs around the world. Her awards include the Aenne Biermann Prize (Contemporary Photography) and the Karlhofer Studio Scholarship.


Address: 18-3 Takaokamachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture
Opening hours: 12:00 00 – 19:00
Open days during exhibition period: Wednesday-Sunday (open on public holidays. During the third week, only Saturdays and Sundays will be open)
Contact: info@iack.studio