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Aglaia Konrad Archives

Installation view from "
Research – Progress – Practice #3  Aglaia Konrad Archives" ©︎IACK 2021

Research – Progress – Practice #3

Aglaia Konrad Archives
Date: September 18th (Sat) - October 17th (Sun), 2021 *reservation required
Venue: IACK

IACK will hold an archive exhibition by Aglaia Konrad, an Austrian artist based in Belgium, as the third installment of the "Research – Progress – Practice" series.

Conrad consistently explores the social, cultural, economic, political and historical factors that influence architecture and urbanism through his photography and video work. I am In his latest work "Japan Works", which directs his eyes to Japan, he explores the famous post-war Metabolist architecture scattered in cities such as Tokyo, Itoigawa, Kyoto, Nagoya, and Osaka, as well as the landscape of Japan. I photograph non-specific buildings that give a unique impression, and attempt to capture the city and the culture and society behind it from a huge amount of photographs.

In addition to "Japan Works", this exhibition will feature valuable past works owned by the artist and related works collected by IACK. Display/sell At the venue, there will also be a video work "Sculpture House" released in 2007, and an edition work produced in conjunction with Conrad's exhibition held at the same time as "Keijiban", which publishes editions and exhibits art works in Kanazawa. you can see

An ambitious attempt to explore the trajectory and present of the artist through different presentations at two venues. Please take a look at this opportunity.

[Satellite Exhibition]
"Aglaia Conrad"
Date: September 15 (Wed) - 10 14th (Thursday)
Venue: keijiban
18-13 Takaokamachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture 920-0864

Aglaia Konrad
Born in Salzburg, Austria in 1960. Currently based in Brussels, Belgium. Since the 1970s, Conrad has developed a unique photographic/video expression that records the rapid urbanization of the world. Its archives contain vast images of various urban infrastructures and residential architecture, an endless treasure trove that sheds a unique light on the relationship between society and space. He has exhibited at international art festivals such as the 10th documenta and at museums around the world, winning the Otto Mauer Prize in Vienna in 1997, the Graz Kamera Prize in 2003, and the Dietrich Openberg Foundation in 2007. Awarded the Albert Renger-Pazel Prize by and in 2011 the Fernand Bodin Prize In the latest book "Japan Works" published by Roma Publications in the Netherlands in 2021, he presented a series of photographs taken around Japanese cities.


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