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Why should I get the "original version"?

For photobooks published in recent years, there is little difference between first editions and reprinted books, but there are major reasons why first editions are treated as "originals" from this period.

(1) Photobooks Were The Final Form Of The Work
At that time, although photographers held exhibitions, it was not customary to sell prints. Therefore, it is said that collections of works are the ultimate goal of artwork.

2) Differences in Printing
Photo books produced by gravure printing presses at that time had thicker ink, and even today, the ink adheres to the hands and darkens them. It is my impression that there is a big difference in texture rather than quality.

(3) Literally Original Work
In addition to the above two reasons, negatives and prints from those days are often not extant, and first editions are used as masters when producing re-released books.

The originals have the qualities of the originals, and the re-released books have the qualities of the re-released books. The exhibition will be displayed along with reprints at the venue, so please come and read and compare the two.

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