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見続ける涯に火が… 批評集成1965-1977 by 中平卓馬
見続ける涯に火が… 批評集成1965-1977 by 中平卓馬
見続ける涯に火が… 批評集成1965-1977 by 中平卓馬

見続ける涯に火が… 批評集成1965-1977 by 中平卓馬


A review collection by Japanese photographer Takuma Nakahira.

Nakahira is known for launching the photo coterie magazine PROVOKE, the photo book For Coming Words, and the still influential photo critic Why, Botanical Encyclopedia? I am a photographer. After graduating from the Spanish Department of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, he worked as an editor for the general magazine Gendai no Me before becoming a photographer. I left an important text. This book is the definitive edition that contains those texts in chronological order, and can be said to be a must-read book for studying and thinking about photography.

I What is contemporary 1965-1970

Video is Logic: Shomei Tomatsu and the Present of Graph Journalism
Collapse of Fixed Perspectives: Inspiration from William Klein's New York
Paradox of Crazy Aesthetics: Eikoh Hosoe Photo Exhibition "Extraordinarily tragic comedy"
What is expression in photography? ──"100 years of photography: The history of photographic expression by Japanese people" exhibition
Words that have lost their material basis ─ The popularity of photo exhibitions And its background
Editor's postscript ─ "Provoke" No. 1
Restoration of reality
What is contemporaneous?
Silence that supports words
Shadows What is at the bottom of

II Escape from the image 1970-1971

Can photography provoke words?
All movies are documentary
Graphism fantasy
Rebellion against the landscape ─ As long as you keep watching, the fire is red instead of blood
Paints --- Jean-Luc Godard "Chinese Woman"
The work is part of reality ----Jean-Luc Godard "Dongfeng"
There can be no Godard behind the work The Anonymity and Partisanship of Images: Jean-Luc Godard's Struggle in Italy
Escape from Images
Idea from Date and Place

III The illusion of recording 1971-1973

Morocco, a postcard landscape
Exhaustion of contemporary art: Participating in the 7th Paris Youth Biennale
Photography, one-day actuality
It is possible to deviate from the institutional perspective
The ambiguity of the gaze that gazes at the reality of Japan ── Shomei Tomatsu “I am a king”
The illusion of recording ─ From documents to monuments
What is “expression” in the age of reproduction? Concerning the "Mad Amano = Yoshikazu Shirakawa Trial"
Japanese and Journalism
How to Eat or Should a Photographer ──First Turn Yourself into an Episode!

IV Why a pictorial book of plants 1973-1975

Why is it a botanical illustrated book
Current situation ── Then then the wave rises
Completely random ── My reading
Eugène Atget ── A view to the city or a view from the city The Evil Illusion of Objectivity ──Thinking about the Yu Matsunaga Incident
For now, with a naked eye reflex camera
My own naked eye reflex camera ── Okinawa, summer 1974
A casual gaze, a soft breath ──Kimura Ihei Photo Collection Paris"
Photographic Criticism ── Kishin Shinoyama "Sunny Day"
Things Crouching in Silence ── Touching Walker Evans
The Will to History ── Surrealism Potential Power
"Third World" and End-of-the-Century Images

V Glance 1976-1977

Amami ── Waves, Graves, Flowers, and the Sun
Images as Gestures ── Bokeh was not a style
Let's refuse to travel and sing an aria on the E line
End of sight
t5>Deconstruction of Individuals, Overcoming Individuality
Theory of Kishin Shinoyama
Preemptive Strike - Seeing and Reading


Title: Fire as long as you keep watching... Critique Collection 1965-1977
Artist: Takuma Nakahira
Osiris, 2007
Hardcover, 188 x 130 mm
512 pages
First edition
¥3,400 + tax


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