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Whistle for the Wind by Ryan McGinley
Whistle for the Wind by Ryan McGinley

Whistle for the Wind by Ryan McGinley


A collection of works by American photographer Ryan McGinley.

McGinley is a representative photograph of the 2000s, when he rose to stardom as a darling of the era with an insatiable spirit of inquiry. The exhibition received so many followers around the world that the phrase "Ryan McGinley Children" was coined, and the reception of the exhibition overflowing with young people made us feel the arrival of a new era. This is McGinley's second large monograph. This is a particularly recommended book for those who want to pick up his printed work at any time, as it includes past works that have gone out of print and soared in price. Includes an interview with film director Gus Van Sant.

Brand new, unopened.

*You can see some of the content here.

Title: Whistle for the Wind
Artist: Ryan McGinley
Rizzoli, 2012
Hardcover, 300 x 280 cm
240 pages
¥5,000 + tax


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