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Exposure by Kazuma Obara
Exposure by Kazuma Obara

Exposure by Kazuma Obara

Editorial RM

A collection of works by Japanese photographer Kazuma Obara.

This work, which was produced following the previous work that captured the victims of the Pacific War, contains photographs taken over two years in Ukraine, where the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident occurred. "Exposure" is about a woman who was exposed to radiation in her mother's womb and suffered from thyroid disease. The box contains three volumes, Everlasting, which captures a young couple growing up and working as laborers, and a copy of the newspaper from the time of the accident.


"I want to think about the future

I started covering the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in June 2011, and met 18-year-old workers who had just graduated from high school. After that, some of them got married, had children, and built new families. Seeing their children and becoming a father of two myself, I strongly felt that I wanted to think about the future generations who will inherit this accident.

What will the nuclear accident leave behind for the future, and how will it be passed on? We hope that this photo exhibition will serve as an opportunity to think about us today and the future. - Kazuma Obara


Title: Exposure
Artist: Kazuma Obara
Editorial RM, 2018
Two books and newspaper in cardboard box, 220 x 180 mm
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