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写真装置8 特集=広告写真

写真装置8 特集=広告写真


The 8th issue of the photography magazine, Photo Equipment, which was published for three years from 1980 to 1983.

Unlike modern photography magazines, which are mainly photographs, most of them are occupied by printed articles such as photography theory and interviews. Along with feeling the times, the text does not get old and is exciting even now.

Edited by Hiroshi Oshima.

Table of Contents
Theory of Advertising Photography - Shiroyasu Suzuki
Birth of Advertising Photography - Hiroshi Unno
Motherhood and Utopia of Images - Inuhiko Yomota
A Sketch of the Topology of Advertising Photography - Ryuzo Uchida
Message of Lack - See Shiseido Advertisement - Hiroshi Kashiwagi
The Art of Refining Gold - Shinichi Kusamori Sachiko Katsumi Asaba
Advertising: A New Religion - Masashi Miura
Structure of Advertising Photography - Akira Unami
Advertising Expressions in Japan and America - Yasuhiko Kobayashi
Topos of Advertising - Yoshiaki Nishino
Spirit of Desire History-Myths to Advertisement Photographs - Kazuo Nishii
Source: History of Advertising and Communication 1940-1969


Title: Photo Equipment 8 Feature = Advertisement Photo
Artist: VA
Photo Equipment, 1983
Softcover, 220 x 150 mm
206 pages
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Condition: Good / Aged

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