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パフォーマンス―未来派から現代まで by RoseLee Goldberg

パフォーマンス―未来派から現代まで by RoseLee Goldberg


Art historian and critic RoseLee Goldberg was the first curator of The Kitchen, the world's first gallery specializing in performance art. This book is the Japanese version of "PERFORMANCE - Live Art 1909 to the Present" announced by Goldberg in 1979.

A masterpiece that discusses performance art from the early 20th century to the late 90s from a wide range of contexts.


Title: RoseLee Goldberg: PERFORMANCE - Live Art 1909 to the Present
Artist: RoseLee Goldberg
Libroport, 1983
Softcover, 210 × 148mm
193 pages
4th edition
¥3,636 + tax

condition: good

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