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Dimitry Zine
Dimitry Zine
Dimitry Zine
Dimitry Zine
Dimitry Zine
Dimitry Zine

Dimitry Zine

Self Published

Zine edition of "Dimitry", a collection of works produced in 2016.

"The starting point for this work is an incident that occurred in Russia at the end of the 16th century. In 1591, Tsarevich Dimitri, the last son of Ivan the Terrible*, took a knife to his throat. He died a mysterious stabbing death, and people speculated about the cause of his death.I was interested in how images of the past change in our minds today.Politics Is it possible to imagine the true state of the world while knowing that a lot of information is circulating to manipulate people's minds objectively? , the brain creates myths, distorts reasoning, and forces it to conform to its own self-interest, so that myths become the 'reality' that people truly believe in." —Julia Borissova

* First Tsar of Moscow Russia. He ruled from 1547 to 1574 and from 1576 to 1584.

Hand-bound, limited to 200 copies. Signed and numbered by the artist.

There is also a box set of five books in the series.


Title: Dimitry
Artist: Julia Borissova
Self published, 2020
Softcover with a postcard attached to covers
240 x 170 x 4 mm
40 pages
Text in English
Limited edition of 200 copies, signed and numbered by the artist
¥9,000 -

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