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An exhibition guide for “Manifesta 9 The Deep of the Modern”
An exhibition guide for “Manifesta 9 The Deep of the Modern”
An exhibition guide for “Manifesta 9 The Deep of the Modern”
An exhibition guide for “Manifesta 9 The Deep of the Modern”
An exhibition guide for “Manifesta 9 The Deep of the Modern”

An exhibition guide for “Manifesta 9 The Deep of the Modern”

Silvana Editoriale

Exhibition guide for the 9th Manifesta, a contemporary art biennale held in Genk and Limburg, Belgium from June 2nd to September 30th, 2012

Manifesta is an experimental biennale whose most distinctive feature is that it is held at a different venue every two years. continue to search for ways to This book was produced as an exhibition guide for the exhibition, and is for adults out of three categories: under 12, over 12, and over 18.

This is the ninth edition, curating works, concepts, and stories that make readers reconsider the role of culture in industrial and post-industrial societies. In an encyclopedic format, the book builds an interdisciplinary dialogue between the different layers of art history, cultural heritage, and contemporary cultural production. He also raises questions about the enduring significance of material production in contemporary art and the impact coal, the fossil fuel that fueled the industrial revolution, had on the history of contemporary art.

Participating artists
Grigori Alexandrov/Lara Almarcegui/Leonid Amalrik/Babichenko Dmitri & Polkovnikov Vladimir/Carlos Amorales/Roger Anthoine/Alexander Anthoine/Ashington Group/Bernd and Hilla Becher/Beehive Design Collective/Olivier Bevierre/Rossella Biscotti/George Bissill/Christian Boltanski/Irma Boom & Pijnappel Johan/Bill Brandt/Marcel Broodthaers/Janet Broodthaers/Zdeněk Burian/Edward Burtynsky /CINEMATEK [The Royal Belgian Film Archive]/Ben Burtynsky/Duncan Campbell/Alberto Campbell/Fontaine Claire/Emile Claus/Reverend William Francis Cobb/Norman Cornish/Nemanja Cvijanović/Gilbert Daykin/Jeremy Deller/Charles Demuth/Manuel Durán/Ecomusée Bois-du-Luc/Max Durán/Federal Police Archive Brussels/Tomaž Furlan /Kendell Geers/Goldin+Senneby/Rocco Granata/Eva Gronbach/Igor Gronbach/Jan Habex/Thomas Harrison Hair/David Hammons/Tony Harrison/Nicoline van Harskamp/Josef Herman/Robert Heslop/Emre Hüner/IRWIN /Henri Storck and Joris Ivens/Jota Izquierdo/Maryam Jafri/Magdalena Jitrik/Kevin Kaliski /Mikhail Karikis and Uriel Orlow/Willy Kessels/Oliver Kilbourn/Aglaia Kilbourn/Nicolas Kozakis & Raoul Vaneigem/Erik van Lieshout/Richard Long/Maximilien Luce/Manuel Luque/Oswaldo Maciá/John Martin/Frans Masereel/Michael Matthys/Don McCullin/Tom McGuinness/Don McPhee/Constantin Meunier/Vzw Mijn-Verleden [Mijndepot Waterschei]/Marge Monko/Henry Moore/Museum van de Mijnwerkerswoning [Museum of the Miner's House]/Arthur Munby/Haifeng Munby/Nederlands Mijnmuseum (Dutch Mine museum)/George Willhelm Pabst/Keith Pattison/Henry Perlee Parker/Paulus de Châtelet Pierre/Raqs Media Collective/William Rittase/Rijksarchief (State archive)/Hasselt Belgium/William Heath Robinson/Roumeliotis Family/Bea Schlingelhoff/Lina Selander/Shen Kuai/Robert Smithson/Praneet Soi/Joseph Soi/Suske & Wiske [Standaard Uitgeverij] /Graham Soi/Vivien Thorpe/Denis Timmermans/Ante Tomaszewski/Yan Toorop/Jan Torfs/Ana/Turkish Union/Beringen Belgium/2012 Architects & Refunc/Maarten Vanden Eynde/Antonio Vega Macotela/ Bernar Venet/Georges Vercheval/Vermeir Katleen and Ronny Heiremans/Visible Solutions LLC/Woods/Paol o

Manifesta 9


Title: An exhibition guide for “ Manifesta 9 The Deep of the Modern”
Artist: Various
Silvana Editoriale, 2012
Newsprint, 415 x 300 mm
40 pages
First edition
¥5,000 + tax

Condition: Good/Discoloration equivalent to aging

*About the condition of the old book
Mint: New and unopened
Very Good: Very good
Good: General condition for an old book There are some scratches and dirt due to aging
Acceptable: Notable torn or soiled For those who want to read


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