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IACK Collection #002:
Photobooks by Daido Moriyama and Takuma Nakahira
August 5 (Sat) - August 13 (Sun), 2023

We're please to announce our second collection exhibition which showcases photobooks we've collected for research purpose. 

For this time, we feature works by two Japanese photographers, Daido Moriyama and Takuma Nakahira. 

Daido Moriyama and Takuma Nakahira, who began their careers in the 1960s, continued to explore photography to the extreme, sometimes as allies and sometimes as rivals.

Both are known as representative photographers of an era not only in the history of photography in Japan, but also in the history of photography around the world. Especially their early works, photobooks become extremely rare, and though it's historic value, most people do not have the opportunity to experience those works in their hand.

Such situations often occur in photobooks, but is it possible to say that the experimentation and experimental spirit they have carried out are sufficiently conveyed to people today? This exhibition os aimed to provide an opportunity to touch and read those aclaimed works as an experience rather than just knowledge. 

This time, we will focus on their 10 representative works, such as "Japan, A Photo Theater (1968)", "Farewell Photography (1972)", "Light and Shadow (1982)", "For A Language to Come (1970)”, “New Gaze (1983)”, amd "Hysteric Six: Takuma Nakahira (2002)".

List of works
Japan, A Photo Theater (first edition/new edition)
Farewell photography (First Edition/New Edition)
Light and Shadow (First Edition/New Edition)
Daido hysteric no.4 (Reprinted Edition)
Record (Reprint and compilation)
For A Language to Come (First Edition/New Edition)
New Gaze
ADIEU A X (First Edition/New Edition)
Hysteric SIX
Okinawa Provoke (reprint)
and some other titles


IACK Collection
Photobooks by Daido Moriyama and Takuma Nakahira
Dates: August 5 (Sat), 6 (Sun), 7 (Mon), 8 (Tue), 11 (Fri), 12 (Sat), 13 (Sun)
Business hours: Weekdays 11:00-16:00 / Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 12:00-19:00 by Daido Moriyama and Takuma Nakahira
Dates: August 14 (Mon) 21:00 - 20 (Sun) 24:00

[Precautions when visiting] Those who are not feeling well may not allowed to enter to prevent