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Empty Nests Exhibition
Atsuko Murano Abalos
April 30 (Sat) - May 15 (Sun), 2022

IACK is pleased to announce the solo exhibition "Empty Nests Exhibition" by photographer Avalos Atsuko Murano.

About two hours by train from Paris, the Alsace region, which stretches along the Rhine in northeastern France, is known for its beautiful scenery and wine production, surrounded by mountains and rivers. In addition, the Alsace region has many wetlands, so the stork with a red beak, the white stork, inhabits the most in France.

The Avalos couple, who traveled to France in 2019 with Paris as their destination, visited the Alsace region during their free time. However, it was late autumn, and the storks had already finished raising their young and had already migrated to the warm African continent to spend a more comfortable winter, and all they saw in Alsace was an empty nest. However, the artist interprets the empty state as a state of “missing expectations but not nothing”, and traveled around photographing “empty” stork nests found in various places in the city. "Empty Nests", composed of these photographs, not only gives the viewer the visual pleasure of observing their dwellings, which mysteriously blend into the cityscape, but also encourages the viewer to contemplate the existence of absence, like a Zen riddle.

In addition to exhibiting works at the venue, we will also sell the author's collection of works, including the photo book "Empty Nests". Talk events and related events will also be held, so please take this opportunity to see it.

Empty Nests Exhibition
Atsuko Murano Abalos
Date: April 30 (Sat) - May 15 (Sun), 2022
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 12:00 - 17:30/Sat & Sun 12:00-19:00
Closed: May 9 (Mon), May 10 (Tue)
Venue: IACK

Press Release

[Talk Event]
Artist Talk: Atsuko Murano Abalos - "Empty Nests"
Guest: Atsuko Murano Abalos (Photographer)
Interviewer: Yukito Kono (Photographer/IACK representative)
Date: May 14, 2022 (Sat) 15:00 – 16:30 *Times may change
Venue: IACK
Participation fee : ¥1,500 (tax included) *Comes with a 500 yen shopping coupon that can be used at IACK
Capacity: about 10 people *reservation required If you would like to participate, please apply using the form below.

[Satellite Event]
Connecting Alsace -Empty Nests and Natural Wine
Duration : May 13 (Fri) 12:00-17:30, May 14 (Sat) 12:00-18:00
Venue: Wineshop Brücke
Takaoka-cho, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0864 18-2

Wineshop Brücke will hold a special feature on Alsatian wine, the filming location of "Empty Nests" While enjoying Alsatian wines selected for the event, you can enjoy the projection of "Empty Nests" reconfigured for this event on the 2nd floor of the same store.

*Precautions when visiting exhibitions and events
Please refrain from visiting if you are not feeling well. Also, please cooperate with wearing a mask and disinfecting your hands when entering the store. Those who do not comply with the above may be asked to refrain from entering the store. Thank you for your understanding

Photobook "Empty Nests"
Published by LibroArte, Inc., 2021
Hardcover, case binding
52 pages
Text in Japanese
First edition, signed by the artist
¥4,000 + tax

Atsuko Murano Abalos
From Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture After graduating from the Faculty of Letters, University of the Sacred Heart, worked at a general trading company before moving to the United States. Majored in commercial photography at the Art Institute of Seattle, where he studied abroad, and after graduating, gained experience as a printer at a black-and-white photo lab in Seattle After returning to Japan, he expanded his activities centered on commercial photography in Japan and magazine coverage overseas, and then moved to Singapore. Since 2013, he has returned to Japan, and is currently expanding his range of expression as a photographer. In addition to the work published in November 2021 of the empty nest of a stork in the Alsace region of France, an American man who picks up drifting objects washed away from Japan by the tsunami that occurred in the Great East Japan Earthquake on the coast of North America. There are photographs taken, photographs of the Great Rift Valley of Fossa Magna that crosses the center of the Japanese archipelago and the geology of Japan, and photographs of four towns across which the UK and Japan competed for the longest suspension bridge in the world.

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