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イギリス人写真家、マンディー・バーカー(Mandy Barker)の作品集『BEYOND DRIFTING: IMPERFECTLY KNOWN ANIMALS』。

本書は海洋環境問題をテーマに制作を行う作者が、およそ200年前に出版されたジョン・ヴォーン・トンプソン(JV Thompson)の著書を土台に制作した一冊であり、幻想的なイメージを用いながらマイクロプラスチックによる海洋汚染をテーマに制作されている。


2017年度Prix Pictetノミネート作。


Beyond Drifting: Imperfectly Known Animals encapsulates in miniature the much larger environmental problems of an imperfect world. This work presents a unique collection of plankton specimens related to pioneering discoveries made by naturalist JV Thompson in Cork Harbour during the 1800s. These recently found specimens are deceptive, however, and mysteriously conceal their true origin.

Plankton form a diverse group of microscopic marine organisms that are unable to swim against powerful ocean currents; they exist in a drifting, floating state, enveloped in the black deep.

As fragile as they are, current scientific research shows that plankton ingest microplastic particles, mistaking them for food. Plankton are a crucial source of food for larger creatures up the food chain – compounding the grave impact of plastics on marine life and, ultimately, humans. Plastic debris is now ubiquitous in the Anthropocene, the period since humanity has had a significant impact on our global environment, and today nearly all living creatures are affected by its widespread contamination.

The plankton specimens in this work are beautifully photographed objects of marine plastic debris, recovered from the same location as naturalist John Vaughan Thompson’s plankton samples from 200 years ago. Long-exposure photographs record movements of recovered plastic objects floating in a black void, captured on expired film and with faulty cameras. Film grain is intentionally visible, alluding to microplastic particles being ingested. Each specimen has a new scientific name reflecting early Latin origins and containing the word ‘plastic’ hidden within its title.


Artist: Mandy Barker
Title: Beyond Drifting: Imperfectly Known Animals
Overlapse, 2017
Hardcover, 230 x 175 mm
104 pages
¥25,000 (tax included)

Mandy Barker




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