(Signed) Room #207 by Ekaterina Bazhenova - Yamasaki

¥ 1,836

LA在住のアーティスト、エカテリーナ・バジェノバ=ヤマサキ(Ekaterina Bazhenova - Yamasaki)の自費出版作品。




肉体はあらゆる比喩的な方法で自らを審美的に刻み込む ー 様々な領域の対極的なコンセプト、具象的な美学は社会における実践や指導、オリエンテーションに用いられている。それらは肉体のメタファーによって強調されながら、官能性と理想、力と昇華、個別化と社会主義者/主権という対極的な要素の間で絶えず均衡を図ろうと作用する。そしてその均衡作用はそれ自体、美学的なシンボルへと変容する。」(作家ステイトメントより)


"The connection between flesh and nudity, between nudity and the presentation of seduction, and between seduction and femininity, which is implied not only visually, but also executed, performed.

The flesh inscribes itself in the aesthetic through various metaphorical ways—several ranges of polar concepts that the concrete aesthetics—can use for practice, direction and orientation. They constantly perform a balancing act between the poles of sensuality and ideal, force and sublimation, individualization and socialist/sovereignty, marked by the metaphors of the flesh. The balancing act becomes a symbol of the aesthetics itself."


Title: Room #207
Artist: Ekaterina Bazhenova - Yamasaki
Self Published, 2018
Softcover, 210 x 149 mm
40 Pages
Perfect Binding
Limited edition of 70 copies, signed and numbered
¥1,700 + tax


Ekaterina Bazhenova - Yamasaki




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