Angle 24 by Clare Strand

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ノルウェーの独立系出版社、Multipressが不定期に発行するジンシリーズ、「Angle」の第24号。21〜24号ではゲストにオランダ人インディペンデント・キュレーター、へスター・ケイズル(Hester Keijser)を迎え、作家のキュレーションが行われた。

本号はクレア・ストランド(Clare Strand)による作品、『Fun with Negatives』を収録。




Angle 1-90° is an on going photo zine series initiated in 2014 by Verena Winkelmann and Line Bøhmer Løkken. For Angle 21-24° we invited the Dutch author and curator Hester Keijser to work with us. Keijser, who is specialized in contemporary photography from Europe and the MENASA region, is behind the great choices of the artists for Angle 23-24°.

Clare Strand’s practice is concerned with the circulation and distribution of photography as an accessible medium, and is continued in this publication. Strand has created an analog Angle, where the reader is invited to make free use of her private photographs. The pictures are laid out as negatives on transparent paper, and in principle, can be taken out of the book and printed on photographic paper. The transition from one photographic form to another, with large and small transformations and related misunderstandings, are at the basis of much of Strand’s photographic work. The contemporary is present as an underlying flow of images which we all encounter every single day, not least on social media. As individual images they may seem unimportant and exchangeable as they are thrown around like hailstones and confetti. Unanswered questions about ownership and rights follow the images on their way into collective consumption. The apparently informal play of images, the clean-cut details and the strong object-character give an impression of a semiotic approach where the reading produces several referents - more ambiguous than one at first assumes. A different narrative is hidden beneath the veil on the dark negatives where the motives motifs function as a kind of evidence of obscure acts that may, or may not have been committed.


Title: Angle 24
Artist: Clare Strand
Multipress, 2019
Softcover, 148 x 200 mm
24 pages
Limited edition of 360 copies
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