Angle 23 by Miki Kratsman & Shabtai Pinchevsky

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ノルウェーの独立系出版社、Multipressが不定期に発行するジンシリーズ、「Angle」の第23号。21〜24号ではゲストにオランダ人インディペンデント・キュレーター、へスター・ケイズル(Hester Keijser)を迎え、作家のキュレーションが行われた。

本号はミキ・クラッツマン(Miki Kratsman)とシャブタイ・ピンチェフスキー(Shabtai Pinchevsky)による作品、『Khan al-Ahmar』を収録。

『Anti Mapping』と名付けられたこのプロジェクトで、クラッツマンとピンチェフスキーはイスラエル政府が制作した公式の地図写真に変わるものとして、パレスチナ地域の地理を独自に調査、文書化を試みている。政府によって公開されている画像は軍事的配慮によって表現に制限が課されており、とりわけ航空写真は(国際標準と比較して)必ず低画素の写真を使用しなければならない。この不明瞭な地図は小さな集落の移転や撤去が容易であることを意味し、それゆえ権力行使の問題を孕んでいることを暗示している。




Angle 1-90° is an on going photo zine series initiated in 2014 by Verena Winkelmann and Line Bøhmer Løkken. For Angle 21-24° we invited the Dutch author and curator Hester Keijser to work with us. Keijser, who is specialized in contemporary photography from Europe and the MENASA region, is behind the great choices of the artists for Angle 23-24°.

With their ongoing project Anti-Mapping Miki Kratsman and Shabtai Pinchevsky seek to survey and document the geography of the Palestinian areas as a necessary alternative to the official Israeli photographic registrations. Military considerations have imposed restrictions on the representations – among other things the aerial photo must work with a reduced number of pixels (compared with international standards). This is done to limit what the population is actually allowed to see. This muddied map production means that small settlements are easier to relocate or remove, and it thus becomes a matter of the exercise of power. Kratsman and Pinchevsky want to show more than the Israeli state does, with precise, detailed images with high resolution, performed partly using drone photography. Each image is accompanied by an exact mathe­matical indication of its position. The area that they map, Khan al-Ahmar, consists of 12 Palestinian settlements which together count 1400 inhabitants. These communities are scattered over each side of the Jerusalem-Jericho road, in the industrial zone of the Ma’ale Adumim settlement. The people who live there have low incomes, no welfare or education, and lack fundamental infrastructure. It is a limbo-like existence that is shown in their series, an existence not officially meant to be depicted. Thanks to Kratsman and Pinchevsky these places in danger of obliteration are made visible, both on the map and in reality.


Title: Angle 23
Artist: Miki Kratsman & Shabtai Pinchevsky
Multipress, 2019
Softcover, 148 x 200 mm
24 pages
Limited edition of 360 copies
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