THE TREE OF LIFE IS ETERNALLY GREEN by Pascual Martínez + Vincent Sáez

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スペイン人写真家デュオ、パスカル・マルティネス(Pascual Martínez)とヴィンセント・サエス(Vincent Sáez)の作品集。




マルティネスとサエスによる『The Tree of Life is Eternally Green』は社会政治学的問題を超越した側面から国のアイデンティティと歴史に着目し、そしてルーマニア人に関する固定観念を拭い去る作品である。彼らの記録は自然環境に染み渡り、そしてルーマニアの人々とその伝統、ありのままの風景と国の豊かな植物相を称賛するのだ。


An intimate notebook of documentary work undertaken in Romania, exploring the country's landscape and integral connections Romanians have with nature. Martínez and Sáez travelled more than 6000km photographing mostly in rural areas, meeting with local people along the way. Their exploration encompasses winter through summer seasons, with the guiding theme that since the first inhabitants of Europe populated fertile Romanian lands, the spirit of Romanian society has been instinctively linked to the land.

Romania has a complex history where its people have struggled to claim territory, faced brutal oppression, communist nationalisation, and foreign exploitation of resources and agriculture. The central region of Transylvania was claimed at the end of the First World War, extending the country’s wealth of natural resources from the border with Ukraine to the Danube Valley. Industrialisation increased exponentially from the 1950s to 1980s and the effects had a massive impact on the economy, social progress, and the landscape.

Romanians have been resilient in the face of progress and adversity, and since the fall of communism in 1989 the country has seen an intellectual revival and a return to practicing long-held traditions. For over 15 years in a conflict in Roşia Montană, public administration and environmental organizations have confronted a mining company in a fight to keep their natural environment free from continued over-exploitation.

In The Tree of Life is Eternally Green, Martinez and Saez focus on identity and history from a perspective that transcends socio-political issues, and dispels stereotypes associated with Romanians. Their record is seeped in the natural environment and celebrates Romanian people, their traditions, the untamed landscape and the country’s rich flora.


Artist: Pascual Martínez + Vincent Sáez
Overlapse, 2018
Hardcover, 230 x 185 mm
174 pages
First edition
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